October 01, 2011

Strange object in the sky over Sweden

The 10th September 2011 I saw a very strange object high up in the sky. I live at a place where I see a lot of planes everyday, but this one looked real different. Here are some of my pictures:

Anyone who have seen something like this? The light was real strong and it moved real fast. Could it have been some kind of rocket?

On Youtube I found this:

Comet Elenin Burning Up In Space

UFO in Peru? Amazing video of what is thought to be a meteorite blazing across South American sky

UFO (Over China)

UFO (Over Poland)

Fire in the Sky

Strange phenomenon

Fire in the sky, what the f....

Doesn't it look like it's the same kind of object? It has been seen over USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, China, Dubai, Australia, Poland, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.

Please check out Rod Hilderman's videos of Hologram Planes too

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