December 28, 2013

It's all about frequency...

Today me and my friend Sandra went for a trip in my car. We do so at least twice every month; take a trip to another town, drink coffee, take a walk and talk about strange stuff. But I think that some of the things we discussed annoyed "them"... because suddenly I got a deep scratch mark and blood all over my fingers.

First Sandra told me about Michael Tellinger and his research in South Africa; thousands of interesting stone circles from ancient civilizations. That led us to talking about frequencies, because much is about that. Remember that my home became haunted in 2008, after that companys testings in the basement of our house? They had a small EMF-lab were they tested engines and that caused terrible low frequency sounds in my apartment. And that's when the hauntings started. So since 2008 I have been very interested in learning more about frequencies. What happens in our bodies when we are exsposed for low frequences? And is there a connection between low frequences and paranormal events? Could these frequencies open up a portal to other dimensions? Maybe.

Here is the video Sandra told me about:

(Doesn't the sound he gets from the stones reminds you of Church bells?)

Then we went from discussing Tellinger to talking about religion and catolicism. And it was after that I got the scratch mark. I didn't feel any pain but suddenly blood was dripping from my right hand and all over the steering wheel. I haven't had any scratches like this for a long time... so I guess that it had to do with something we had just talked about. Was it the frequencies, the symbols, the catholic church or...? Well i don't know. Yet.

Anyway, I hope you watched the video about Tellinger, because I think his researches in Africa are very interesting.

December 15, 2013

Black hooded figure

One of the scarriest things I have experienced is the event that took place in my bedroom in 1997, when I was visited by an evil black hooded figure. Now I understand that I am not alone with this kind of experiences.

I have written about the event here

Today I found Zack's story, at BUFOG Contact Case Reports: Merthyr Tydfil Contact Case

It seems like we are visited by lots of different aliens. But are they from another planet - or from another dimension? Or both?

December 04, 2013

Strange bruise

Tonight I got a bruise on my left leg. Because of yesterdays post? I often get scratch marks or bruises after posting here on my blog - or after digging to much in Alien stuff.

The video I posted yesterday was very interesting. I even told my friend Sandra to look at it, because we have discused much of the things that were brought up in the video. So I am not surpriced that I got this mark on my leg. It has happend before.

During 2008-2009, during that terrible hauntings in my old apartment, I got lots of these bruises on my legs. It always happend during the night and often on both my legs at the same time. But I have also got bruises while I have been awake. The one you see below (on my arm) I got while I talked to my mother about some recordings (EVPs) I did in my apartment. I didn't feel any pain, but suddenly it was there. I think it's because "they" don't like what I am doing. Maybe an attempt to correct me. But nothing can stop me now. I am just so fed up with these harassment that has been going on for so long!


December 03, 2013

Is this how "they" work?

Wow, this is my 100 post! :-) Something to celebrate maybe?

Well, watch this interesting video about aliens and abductions. Much fits in to my own experiences and thoughts about it:

November 30, 2013

Screen memories

Actually I am not surpriced. Always when I have been active here on my blog or on Youtube (watching UFO/Alien videos) I get problems.

Tonight I had a very strange "dream". I dreamed that a person I know wanted to kiss me, so I let it happen. But the kiss wasn't nice. It was like some kind of animal was kissing me - brutally with no emotions at all. And this person (?) wanted me to look into his eyes. It was violent and I pushed him away. Next moment all went black.

As soon as I woke up I felt deep inside that something was very wrong. I have experienced something similar before and I got wounded... My opinion is that it's screen memories. What I saw was not true. Something happend, but there was something else behind the mask.

And when I got up this morning I had a new scratch mark on my right hand. So no daubt about it, they are still here - and it makes me so angry! It's like living in a Matrix, we are captured and raped over and over again. But we just don't understand it. Because we don't believe in what we experience during our sleep. We just believe in what we can see with our eyes open. As my friend Sandra said a year ago; it's like a huge Swedish smorgasbord where they are feeding on us.

Well, time to go out for a walk and think about something else :-)


November 29, 2013

Sleepless since childhood

As long as I can remember I have had sleeping problems. I have never slept a whole night and I wake up at least once every hour. But since my last therapy session I have slept much better. 

As a child I was very afraid of the darkness in my bedroom. I remember that I could feel a presence. I also remember laying in my bed, paralysed with closed eyes feeling that "something" poked me in my waist. I have also felt a strange pressure over my back. I told my mum about it, but she just said that it was normal. Normal? I don't think so!

The Nightmare, painted by John Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)
Actually, I now think that the strange things I experienced as child were Alien connected. 

Last night when I was thinking of this, I felt a sudden push in my waist, where that strange "etheric transmittor" was removed. Then pain, like a needle was stuck in my waist. And every time I had a thought about these strange childhood memories the pain came back! But when I begun thinking about my work - the pain went away.  

This morning, in the shower, I began thinking about my childhood memories again and immediatly the pain in my waist came back! Why? Do I get punished for my thoughts about aliens? This is so weird!

November 21, 2013

"We are your masters..."

Yesterday they were discovered - the beings that have been messing with me my whole life...

Since I began reading, and writing, about the abduction researcher Dr David Jacobs (about 2 weeks ago) I have had problems with scratch marks again. My daughter too. So I guess "they" want to scare me. They don't want me to know what's going on.

Yesterday I visited my therapist again and I told her that I was so tired of feeling that "someone" is controlling my life, I have been very aware of this since 2008. I also told her that I have been working hard with my TRE exercises and that it fells like the pieces in the puzzle is coming together.

This is what we found during the session yesterday:

There are some kind of beings (they are 3) that says they are my "masters", that my body and soul belongs to them! They say that they are controling my life and that I won't be able to walk or stand without them. That I would be paralysed in the lower part of my body without them.

Interesting that they finally showed up. And interesting because I actually have had  some strange dreams about not beeing able to stand up, and about hanging in a closet with the lower part of my body missing...

I wonder if this is the robotic types of beings that she has told me about before. I do remember hearing robotics voices in my head at least once when I was child, and that I told my nanny about it. And remember that screaming robotic voice last month - that both me and my daughter hear in my mobile phone.

I know, this sounds crazy, I really belive that there are other dimensions - and other beings. Otherwise I wouldn't have had all these strange experiences.

My therapist worked with my body and found some kind of etheric transmittor/implant (not visible) in my stomach, on the left side. She also found what seemed to be some kind of etheric (not visible) cabels from my back. Wow! Just a couple of days ago I had a dream about that, that I had 2 thick black cables hanging from my back! Reminds me of that sceen in the Matrix Movie. So... are we living in some kind of Matrix? With aliens all around us?

During the session I also got some other memories from my childhood, that were not so nice. But there are still some thing real scary that I cannot remember. My body remembers it  and start shaking, but it's like my brain and body are not connected. I just cannot remember what made me so scared.

So, I will go on with my multidimensial therapy and see what I find. And if those three beings will leave me alone  now... I don't think they will give up that easy.

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November 10, 2013

Interesting abduction researcher

Have you heard about Ph.D David M. Jacobs? He is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture. In the mid 1960's he began researching the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America.  Since 1973 he has continued to devote most of his professional and personal energies to researching the UFO phenomenon in general, and the abduction phenomenon in particular. He has conducted over 750 hypnotic regressions with over 125 abductees. Today Dr. Jacobs is one of the foremost UFO abduction researchers worldwide. As a result of his extensive primary research, he has developed the first scientific typology of the abduction experience.

Watch this!

 Update November 13th, 2013:
Today  at lunch time I watched another video with  David Jacobs, that my friend Sandra has written to me about. It was really disturbing what he talked about. 3-4 hours later I got a scratch mark on my left thumb. It's not often I get that now so I guess it's a connection to the video. I guess "someone" does'nt want me to dig into this...

November 01, 2013

What my body remember

If you start digging deep in your past, you must be prepared to find real strange things...

Before I didn't like hypnotherapy, but I have realized that sometimes it's necessary. And combined with TRE it can be a good match. Yesterday it was a breakthrough. I laid there with muscle cramps and said to my therapist:

- It's so strange. I have these huge muscle cramps but I cannot understand what's it about. I cannot see anything and I cannot feel any emotions. I just feel these cramps!

She asked if I was scared. No. If I remembered anyone pulling me down? No. But after the hypnotherapi session I suddenly got an idea and said:

- Maybe I have been tied to a bed... at a hospital.... with belts...

My therapist, who is phsycic, said that she has "seen" the same picture (inside her mind).

At the hospital
On my way back home I suddenly remembered what my mother had told me. When I was only 12-18 months old I sometimes became pale and fainted. I had some kind of problem with my blood sugar. And one day I became unconscious and fell into coma. My parents could not wake me up, so they took me to hospital. At the hospital a nurse put some sweet lemonade in my mouth - and I woke up.

But, they wanted to keep me for observation at the hospital. And 1 or 2 days later when my mom came to take me home I was very very upset. The doctors told her that the uncounsciousness could give me problems later; like diabetes or epilepsi. But that never happend.

What happend at the hospital?
When I came home I wondered; was it common in the 60ies that sad children were tied in their hospital beds? Because where else could that strange "memory" of belts come from if not from that visit? Maybe I felt abandoned by my parents and very scared and sad. Maybe that's made them tie me in a bed? To calm me down. Or did they do something else with me?

Later that evening I did some TRE exercises. My body immediately started acting that strange again; muscle cramps that made my body bend so strange. But still no feelings. No memory. As I felt the strong muscles cramps in my body I asked myself: What IS this? WHAT can make a body behave like this?

Then I got this in my head: ECT - electroconvulsive therapy. Could that be what my body remembers 50 years later? Was ECT used on small children in the 60ies? Like somekind of experiment?! Or - is it some kind of alien abduction experience? Well, I guess I have to dig deeper into this.

Insulin shock therapy in the Sixties

After Writing this post I got 3 bruises and two small scratch marks on my right arm. I also experienced paralysis during night.  

Harvesting of souls

About a year ago my friend Sandra told me about a strange experience she had during a hypnotherapy session; she had found lost souls in a cave. It was as if they were held as captures. I thought it was rather strange. How can you live without your soul? But then I remembered that the Shamans practice "soul retrieval"... so I guess we can loose our souls. But how?

Yesterday Sandra send me a mail. She had found a very interesting book, written by Nigel Kerner - "The harvesting of souls". Could that be what it's all about - the whole UFO thing? Is that their Agenda? Well, watch this:


October 17, 2013

Strange alien voice in my phone

Two weeks ago I was on my way to France. I ran like crazy in the shops here to find a dress I could wear on the trip. Just when I arrived to my home my phone rang, it was my friend who I was going on the trip with. We talked for a minute, then something strange happend.

Suddenly my friends voice was lost and instead I heard something else, like a strange angry metallic voice that talked extremly - fast but it was a language I could not understand. It sounded so angry and I was so surpriced, so I held the phone towards my daughter. She listened and was as surpriced as me, then suddenly the voice stopped and the line was broken.

I immediatly remembered a video with Karla Turner, when she talked about what happend in their home and that strange phone call. You can see it here below, listen to the part that begins at 0:08:00 to about 0:11:15. She discribes the same thing as I heard:

Next day I got a big scratch mark on my left hand.

May 19, 2013

Interesting book: Psychic Warrior

I think it was in 2000 when I first read this book and I found it very interesting.

Dr. David Morehouse formed Remote Viewing Technologies in 1997, a company originally designed to train police officers in the art and science of Remote Viewing. In this book he tells his story.

Last week I read it again, 13 years later. It was very interesting, because this time I had my own scary experiences. Now I could understand - and believe in - his meetings with those strange beeings.

I can strongly recommend this book.

Read more on and
David Morehouse


April 26, 2013

My collegue got scratched

Yesterday one of my collegues (who I like best) came to work with a long scratch mark just under her left eye. It looked exactly like the ones I use to get.

I asked her about it and she said that she had woked up with it. She thought it was very strange because her nails are very short. But no doubt about it - she had got a paranormal scratch. Because I know what they looks like. But did she get it because of me? Because we sit close to each other at work?

Same thing happend last year when I met a person for the first time and we sat down together and talked. I though she was nice and I think she felt the same about me. Then suddenly she got a scratch mark on her finger!

My mother got a scratch mark too in 2008/2009 when me and my daughter left our haunted house and moved in to her. It happend the night before. It felt as if she was punished because of helping us. My mother got afraid and said that it was because of me, that I had dragged ghosts to her home.

My daughter has had these scratches since 2008. But still we don't know where they come from. But it feels evil and it seems like "the one" who does this to me can read my mind...

Today I visited a massage therapist and after that I got another scratch. I'm just so tired of this.

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April 25, 2013

Strange memory

Last week I experienced something strange, I think it was some kind of memory...

I was going to a meeting with two collegues and we were going there by car. I jumped in to the back seat of my collegues car (I think it was a SAAB 9-5 2011) when I suddenly almost got panic.

The window in the back seat, where I sat, was smaller that those I'm used to, and dark. And the ceiling felt somehow to close. It almost freaked me out! My heart started pumping, it was so weird. I had no idea at all why I felt so scared. It was as if it reminded me of sitting in something small, with not much space around and with just a small window. A very claustrofobic feeling.

I have thought much about it since. Could it have something to do with my other paranormal experiences? A memory of an alien abduction? Did the window remind me of an UFO-window? Maybe I will find out more in the future?

Today I found these two cars on Brigitte Barcleys website. It reminds me of the feeling I got in my collegue's car. Dark cars like 1949 Mercury give me strange feelings. Did I get a flash from an earlier life, from the late 1940 or -50? Or does this special design remind me of something completly different?

April 21, 2013

Graves or something else?

This weekend I have visited two very interesting places here in Sweden, where there are old manmade hills - or as we say here: "King hills". It is said that they were build on old graves during the Iron Age, but no one knows for sure.

Some years ago I visited these places with two dowsers and we found some interesting things. The leylines for example, they comes from all directions and goes right in to the middle of these hills. I could feel it with my dowsing rods. So, is it just graves or were these places used for something else?

Uppsa Hill, Sweden

April 20, 2013

New bruises on our bodies

This week my daughter asked me if I have had any scratch marks lately. So I told her that I had one on my finger the day before. Then she showed me 3 very small parallel scratch marks on her finger. So it seems like we got our scratch marks the same day.

Then I said that I got a bruise on my left knee and - she showed me she had got one too, on her left knee!

So why do we still get these marks? And why? I am just so very tired of this!

April 13, 2013

Did I leave my body?

There has been no strange events lately, until last week when something weird happend while I was laying in my bed.

But first I must tell you about my TRE exercises. My therapist, who works with multidimensial therapy learned me how to do this last year. It's really interesting. Well, once when I did this I experienced something strange. I felt as my body was scrinking, as it tried to press itself together...

Now back to last week. I was laying in my bed with closed eyes, thinking about my cancer and the operation I went through last year. I felt so thankful that I had survived. I felt happiness and it was like I wanted to send out love to my whole neighborhood. Then suddenly I started to think about "them" and that I had to be careful. Still laying with closed eyes I suddenly felt my body "scrinking" and I was as I was pressed together. I remember thinking: "Wow, I recognize this (from TRE)!" So I got very exited and courious what would happen next.

Then I started feeling dizzy. I found my right leg haning out from the bed and it was like my leg was dragged out, towards the door. Now I got scared and I got the feeling I wasn't alone in the room. In my mind I told "them" to leave. I got more dizzy and suddenly it was as if my body started moving into the wall! Then I got panic, in my mind I shouted out "Stop, no!"

It was really a struggle and finally I got control over my body and managed to wake up compleatly. I got up, was to afraid to stay in the bed.

So, what happend? Was it some kind of Out of Body Experience? And were there some kind of beings in the room?


March 25, 2013

Did my mum see an alien orb?

Today I have been watching some videos at You Tube, called "UFO Hunters". Very interesting, especially those about UFOs and orbs.

They talked a lot about glowing orbs, often shown up in the mountains. And that it seems to be a connection between those orbs and aliens. It reminded my of an experience that my mother had told me about.

When my mother was young, I think it was during the 1940s, she climbed in the mountains, in the Alps. Once she stayed in a small cabin during some thunder storms and when she opened the door something that looked like a big ball of fire came right to her, through the door. She got so scared that she fainted. And when she woke up the ball was gone. Since that day she has been very afraid of thunder storms.

As long as I can remember my mother have had nightmares and been taking sleeping pills.When I did that "birth regression" with my therapist a year ago she said some really weird things that I have hard to believe. But it was about my mother, me and aliens.

Today I wonder if it maybe was some kind of alien orb that my mother saw that day in the mountains.
Maybe she have had some kind of alien connection all her life?

Also my father have been haunted by nightmares for many years. He is dead now but my mother told me that he often woke up in the middle of the night screaming that "they" where after him, trying to kill him... Did he dream about aliens maybe?

And then my brother. He also had lots of nightmares and was afraid of doctors. He was with me twice when I saw UFOs from our balcony in1977-78. He even took pictures of it.

Maybe my whole family have alien connections?


March 24, 2013

Scratched again

Two days ago I got a new scratch, on my thumb, while eating breakfast. I am just so tired of this!

Two weeks ago I asked my therapist if she really couldn't see what is causing these scars. If it's spirits or something else. She closed her eyes and said:

- It's like a gap is opening up (pointing her hand up in the ceiling) and it's like a sharp string... it makes those marks...

Then she said that she was going to close the gap. She waved her hands in the air and said it was closed.

I have had scratches almost every day, but after that it stoped for two weeks, until I got this one.

It's so crazy. I still don't understand what is the "trigger". What makes this start?  My therapist who works with multidimensial healing says she think it has to do with feelings and anger. Well I still don't know what to believe. Because I get them even if I am not angry. But I Think that "the one" who is giving me these scratches is angry. It feels like it is punishing me and trying to control me, by giving me these marks.

Later that same day I got a long scratch on my right leg.

February 22, 2013

Sweet smell in our apartment

I just remembered a thing that happend for about two weeks ago.

My daughter called on me and asked if I felt that special scent in her bedroom. She said it smelled like honey, like a nice hand cream she had before. We both could smell that lovely scent of honey and thought that it was very strange. Because we couldn't understand where it came from.

Just one or two days later the same nice scent appered in my bedroom.

We both thought that maybe we had some kind of friendly spirit there. Just a couple of days later my daughter heard fast fotsteps in our hall one evening when she was alone at home. So she got a bit afraid.

Since that day we haven't noticed that smell again.


Scratched after helping my daughter

I really wonder what kind of evil forces I am dealing with. Now it has gotten worse again.

My teenage daughter has been a bit depressed for some time. And that isn't strange; we have been haunted (more or less) since 2008 and moved around a lot. And last year I got cancer. And beside this she has had some trubbles with her fathers new wife.

Well anyway, I thought it was time to take her to my therapist, who works with multidimensial healing. She is really extraordinary because she can read other peoples minds. My daughter has difficult to talk to others about what's bothering her, so I knew my therapist could help her better than anyone else.

So on tuesday we went to see my therapist. I waited outside. After one hour my daughter came out. She had been crying but I could see that she was happy and on our way back home she was smiling and said that it felt good and that she wanted to visit the therapist again. I was so happy to hear that and that night both of us slept good!

But the next morning when I was preparing our breakfast I felt pain on my left finger - and found a 2,5 cm long scratch mark!

No doubt about it - this was because of the visit at my therapist. I understood that "they" (who ever they are) don't want us to become aware, they don't want us to be healed. So they try to scare us, to take control over us. The same thing have happend to me when I started my therapi, the scratches got worse and I got deeper bleeding wounds. Then it got better while the therapy proceeded.

Later that day (Wednesday) I went swimming and I noticed a 6 cm long scratch mark on my left leg. I probably got it in the morning, at the same time as the scratch mark on my left finger but I didn't notice it until I stept into the pool.

So, it is obvious; "they" are angry at me because I am trying to help my daughter. That's why I got these scratch marks.

I just wonder; am I dealing with aliens, demons or something else?

Next day I got two more scratches on my fingers. So I guess "they" are here to stay a couple of days...

January 29, 2013

Worse again

I don't know what is going on, but lately the problems with scratch marks have been worse.

Maybe it's because I have been weaker. I have been ill and at the same time I have had some problems with my boss at work. So I guess I've been a bit sad. Same thing with my daughter. I don't know why but she too has been sad lately. And - she has got a strange bruise on her arm. She has also talked about strange dreams about beeing followed and about "men in black". And I have got several scratches on my hands and - on one toe. I have also felt that tingeling feeling on my head (open crown chakra?) that I used to feel before when spirits where around...

I wonder; does our mental state (sad, depressed) make us more vulnurable for paranormal attacs? Or - do we get depressed BECAUSE OF these strange visitations?

Or... is it because of the dowser? We had contact some weeks ago and since that day I have feelt that it has gotten worse with the scratches.

Anyway, I really wonder who they are... those who have been hurting us for almost five years!

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