November 30, 2013

Screen memories

Actually I am not surpriced. Always when I have been active here on my blog or on Youtube (watching UFO/Alien videos) I get problems.

Tonight I had a very strange "dream". I dreamed that a person I know wanted to kiss me, so I let it happen. But the kiss wasn't nice. It was like some kind of animal was kissing me - brutally with no emotions at all. And this person (?) wanted me to look into his eyes. It was violent and I pushed him away. Next moment all went black.

As soon as I woke up I felt deep inside that something was very wrong. I have experienced something similar before and I got wounded... My opinion is that it's screen memories. What I saw was not true. Something happend, but there was something else behind the mask.

And when I got up this morning I had a new scratch mark on my right hand. So no daubt about it, they are still here - and it makes me so angry! It's like living in a Matrix, we are captured and raped over and over again. But we just don't understand it. Because we don't believe in what we experience during our sleep. We just believe in what we can see with our eyes open. As my friend Sandra said a year ago; it's like a huge Swedish smorgasbord where they are feeding on us.

Well, time to go out for a walk and think about something else :-)


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