November 21, 2013

"We are your masters..."

Yesterday they were discovered - the beings that have been messing with me my whole life...

Since I began reading, and writing, about the abduction researcher Dr David Jacobs (about 2 weeks ago) I have had problems with scratch marks again. My daughter too. So I guess "they" want to scare me. They don't want me to know what's going on.

Yesterday I visited my therapist again and I told her that I was so tired of feeling that "someone" is controlling my life, I have been very aware of this since 2008. I also told her that I have been working hard with my TRE exercises and that it fells like the pieces in the puzzle is coming together.

This is what we found during the session yesterday:

There are some kind of beings (they are 3) that says they are my "masters", that my body and soul belongs to them! They say that they are controling my life and that I won't be able to walk or stand without them. That I would be paralysed in the lower part of my body without them.

Interesting that they finally showed up. And interesting because I actually have had  some strange dreams about not beeing able to stand up, and about hanging in a closet with the lower part of my body missing...

I wonder if this is the robotic types of beings that she has told me about before. I do remember hearing robotics voices in my head at least once when I was child, and that I told my nanny about it. And remember that screaming robotic voice last month - that both me and my daughter hear in my mobile phone.

I know, this sounds crazy, I really belive that there are other dimensions - and other beings. Otherwise I wouldn't have had all these strange experiences.

My therapist worked with my body and found some kind of etheric transmittor/implant (not visible) in my stomach, on the left side. She also found what seemed to be some kind of etheric (not visible) cabels from my back. Wow! Just a couple of days ago I had a dream about that, that I had 2 thick black cables hanging from my back! Reminds me of that sceen in the Matrix Movie. So... are we living in some kind of Matrix? With aliens all around us?

During the session I also got some other memories from my childhood, that were not so nice. But there are still some thing real scary that I cannot remember. My body remembers it  and start shaking, but it's like my brain and body are not connected. I just cannot remember what made me so scared.

So, I will go on with my multidimensial therapy and see what I find. And if those three beings will leave me alone  now... I don't think they will give up that easy.

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