November 29, 2013

Sleepless since childhood

As long as I can remember I have had sleeping problems. I have never slept a whole night and I wake up at least once every hour. But since my last therapy session I have slept much better. 

As a child I was very afraid of the darkness in my bedroom. I remember that I could feel a presence. I also remember laying in my bed, paralysed with closed eyes feeling that "something" poked me in my waist. I have also felt a strange pressure over my back. I told my mum about it, but she just said that it was normal. Normal? I don't think so!

The Nightmare, painted by John Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)
Actually, I now think that the strange things I experienced as child were Alien connected. 

Last night when I was thinking of this, I felt a sudden push in my waist, where that strange "etheric transmittor" was removed. Then pain, like a needle was stuck in my waist. And every time I had a thought about these strange childhood memories the pain came back! But when I begun thinking about my work - the pain went away.  

This morning, in the shower, I began thinking about my childhood memories again and immediatly the pain in my waist came back! Why? Do I get punished for my thoughts about aliens? This is so weird!

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