February 22, 2013

Scratched after helping my daughter

I really wonder what kind of evil forces I am dealing with. Now it has gotten worse again.

My teenage daughter has been a bit depressed for some time. And that isn't strange; we have been haunted (more or less) since 2008 and moved around a lot. And last year I got cancer. And beside this she has had some trubbles with her fathers new wife.

Well anyway, I thought it was time to take her to my therapist, who works with multidimensial healing. She is really extraordinary because she can read other peoples minds. My daughter has difficult to talk to others about what's bothering her, so I knew my therapist could help her better than anyone else.

So on tuesday we went to see my therapist. I waited outside. After one hour my daughter came out. She had been crying but I could see that she was happy and on our way back home she was smiling and said that it felt good and that she wanted to visit the therapist again. I was so happy to hear that and that night both of us slept good!

But the next morning when I was preparing our breakfast I felt pain on my left finger - and found a 2,5 cm long scratch mark!

No doubt about it - this was because of the visit at my therapist. I understood that "they" (who ever they are) don't want us to become aware, they don't want us to be healed. So they try to scare us, to take control over us. The same thing have happend to me when I started my therapi, the scratches got worse and I got deeper bleeding wounds. Then it got better while the therapy proceeded.

Later that day (Wednesday) I went swimming and I noticed a 6 cm long scratch mark on my left leg. I probably got it in the morning, at the same time as the scratch mark on my left finger but I didn't notice it until I stept into the pool.

So, it is obvious; "they" are angry at me because I am trying to help my daughter. That's why I got these scratch marks.

I just wonder; am I dealing with aliens, demons or something else?

Next day I got two more scratches on my fingers. So I guess "they" are here to stay a couple of days...

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