January 29, 2013

Worse again

I don't know what is going on, but lately the problems with scratch marks have been worse.

Maybe it's because I have been weaker. I have been ill and at the same time I have had some problems with my boss at work. So I guess I've been a bit sad. Same thing with my daughter. I don't know why but she too has been sad lately. And - she has got a strange bruise on her arm. She has also talked about strange dreams about beeing followed and about "men in black". And I have got several scratches on my hands and - on one toe. I have also felt that tingeling feeling on my head (open crown chakra?) that I used to feel before when spirits where around...

I wonder; does our mental state (sad, depressed) make us more vulnurable for paranormal attacs? Or - do we get depressed BECAUSE OF these strange visitations?

Or... is it because of the dowser? We had contact some weeks ago and since that day I have feelt that it has gotten worse with the scratches.

Anyway, I really wonder who they are... those who have been hurting us for almost five years!

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