December 28, 2012

Raped by aliens?

Today I will tell you about something that I have only told one friend. It happend in 2009.

As I have written before the hauntings began in 2008. That's when me and my daughter got the first paranormal scratches. Our electric equipment in the apartment went crazy and strange sounds were heard. We left and moved in to my mothers house, but that didn't help - the hauntings followed us.

In 2009 (before I sold the apartment) I got help from some ghost hunters and a priest. I could really feel a huge diffrence, the air felt much lighter. So we moved in again. That night I slept on the floor in my daughters room, right beside her bed. Suddenly I woke up with pain-  in my rectum. It felt like somehing was pushing it's way up through my behind all the way up to my stomach! The pain was terrible and I was so scarred. What the hell was happening!?

My daughter slept through the whole night and I never told her about what I had experienced. But the pain in my body didn't go away for two days.

A couple of months later we moved to another apartment, temporary. One night the same thing happend - again!

So what was it? During that time I had contact with a dowser. He believed that it was spirits comming into my body. Well, I have never experienced something like that before or after. I felt as if I was raped, but it was also a feeling of that something forced it's way in to my body and to my stomach, to stay there. About two years later I got ovarian cancer. I wonder if there was a connection...

Anyone else who had experienced this - or have heard about something like this?

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