December 04, 2013

Strange bruise

Tonight I got a bruise on my left leg. Because of yesterdays post? I often get scratch marks or bruises after posting here on my blog - or after digging to much in Alien stuff.

The video I posted yesterday was very interesting. I even told my friend Sandra to look at it, because we have discused much of the things that were brought up in the video. So I am not surpriced that I got this mark on my leg. It has happend before.

During 2008-2009, during that terrible hauntings in my old apartment, I got lots of these bruises on my legs. It always happend during the night and often on both my legs at the same time. But I have also got bruises while I have been awake. The one you see below (on my arm) I got while I talked to my mother about some recordings (EVPs) I did in my apartment. I didn't feel any pain, but suddenly it was there. I think it's because "they" don't like what I am doing. Maybe an attempt to correct me. But nothing can stop me now. I am just so fed up with these harassment that has been going on for so long!


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