March 25, 2013

Did my mum see an alien orb?

Today I have been watching some videos at You Tube, called "UFO Hunters". Very interesting, especially those about UFOs and orbs.

They talked a lot about glowing orbs, often shown up in the mountains. And that it seems to be a connection between those orbs and aliens. It reminded my of an experience that my mother had told me about.

When my mother was young, I think it was during the 1940s, she climbed in the mountains, in the Alps. Once she stayed in a small cabin during some thunder storms and when she opened the door something that looked like a big ball of fire came right to her, through the door. She got so scared that she fainted. And when she woke up the ball was gone. Since that day she has been very afraid of thunder storms.

As long as I can remember my mother have had nightmares and been taking sleeping pills.When I did that "birth regression" with my therapist a year ago she said some really weird things that I have hard to believe. But it was about my mother, me and aliens.

Today I wonder if it maybe was some kind of alien orb that my mother saw that day in the mountains.
Maybe she have had some kind of alien connection all her life?

Also my father have been haunted by nightmares for many years. He is dead now but my mother told me that he often woke up in the middle of the night screaming that "they" where after him, trying to kill him... Did he dream about aliens maybe?

And then my brother. He also had lots of nightmares and was afraid of doctors. He was with me twice when I saw UFOs from our balcony in1977-78. He even took pictures of it.

Maybe my whole family have alien connections?


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