March 24, 2013

Scratched again

Two days ago I got a new scratch, on my thumb, while eating breakfast. I am just so tired of this!

Two weeks ago I asked my therapist if she really couldn't see what is causing these scars. If it's spirits or something else. She closed her eyes and said:

- It's like a gap is opening up (pointing her hand up in the ceiling) and it's like a sharp string... it makes those marks...

Then she said that she was going to close the gap. She waved her hands in the air and said it was closed.

I have had scratches almost every day, but after that it stoped for two weeks, until I got this one.

It's so crazy. I still don't understand what is the "trigger". What makes this start?  My therapist who works with multidimensial healing says she think it has to do with feelings and anger. Well I still don't know what to believe. Because I get them even if I am not angry. But I Think that "the one" who is giving me these scratches is angry. It feels like it is punishing me and trying to control me, by giving me these marks.

Later that same day I got a long scratch on my right leg.

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