June 16, 2014

What have they done to me!?

Since that last session at my therapist, when she removed that unpleasant energy ball (from my mum) I have felt so relieved and happy. But four days ago I had a new nightmare.

In the dream I visited some kind of underground aquarium with my daughter. We were in a huge, dark room and my daughter went across that room to look at another aquarium. But when I was going to follow her I walked in to black FOG! Everything went black and I couldn's see anything at all!

In the darkness something, with metal, held me so tight that I couldn't move. I felt as if I was in some kind of sitting/hanging position. I could feel hard metal under my armpits. It was painful. I could also feel hard metal in the hollow of my knees. As I tried to move I got more stuck and it became more painful. It was as if I was told mentaly that I shouldn't move - then it wouldn't be so painful. So I just sat/hung there, without moving. And then I don't remember anything more.

The next day I was so tired, and the happiness I had felt the days before was gone.

What happend?!! And why does this strange things keep on happening, again and again? Completly blackness, but I FEEL that something is going on around me. And I can feel that hard metal! But what kind of entites are doing this to me - and WHY!?

Am I just in some kind of evil experiment?



  1. Anonymous18/6/14 05:30

    There is a blog post from Bridget Nielsen's website hybridchildrencommunity.com. Maybe you should send them a comment on your experiences for their help and talk to other abductees. http://hybridchildrencommunity.com/the-unwelcome-grey-zeta-reticuli/#respond

  2. Eva, did you wake up with any marks? OR was is it a mental fight in your head. I've had some strange dreams lately...

    1. No, R West, I didn't wake up with any marks this time. But I have before.