April 23, 2014

Hiding from intruders

Today I found some of my old diarys from 2004-2006, so I have spent hours reading them.

One of the things that surpriced me was what I wrote 3 days after my father had died, in 2005. I had almost forgotten it:

"This morning I woke up by a nightmare at 3:05 AM. I dreamed that I was a child again and it was night. I was standing in our living room. I heard the sound from a helicopter and it looked like its spotlights were searching around our windows. I got the impression that it was aliens, coming to get us. I ran into my parents bedroom, telling them not to open their eyes and that they should hide under the bed sheets. Then I crawled down between them. I could feel my fathers body on my left side and my mothers on my right side. Then I felt that "someone" came into the bedroom. I tried to scream: "Go away!!". But my mouth was paralysed, I couldn't scream. That's when I woke up."

I think this was the first time ever I wrote about aliens - and I had totally forgotten about that dream. Now it all came back.

It also reminds me of 2008-2009, when I lived in that haunted apartment - because I often heard helicopters during the night. I was just to tired to care about it. I never got up to look at them, I just guessed that it was police or ambulance helicopters.

Could that dream about the introuders be some kind of memory from an abduction in my childhood?

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  1. Anonymous26/4/14 21:55

    Wow, good question, maybe it was a memory, but I think only you could find the answer. :)