March 19, 2014

Looking inside my own body

Today I listened to Starborn Support Radio. Always very interesting to listen to people who have had similar experiences.

A woman talked about her experince of travelling inside her sons body, which reminds me of a dream I had in 2008. I dreamed that I was inside my own vagina! Yes I know, that sounds VERY weird. It was as if I just was a small molecyle and thought; "Well, this is strange - a vagina should not look like this!" I have studied medicine and I know that at the end of the vagina is the cervix - but it was gone!

Four years later I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Only one ovarian had cancer, but the doctors wanted to be sure that all cancer was gone so they took out both - and the cervix. So, today I look inside as I did in that dream six years ago. Just a coinsident? Or is this something that many abductees/contactees experience; travelling inside bodies - and to the future?

A similar thing happend Before I gave birth to my daughter. I had a dream that showed exactly what actually happend 4-5 months later when she was born. All details, my fear, the people running beside the stretcher in that hospital corridor, even the lamps were the same. EVERYTHING came true later when we arriwed to the hospital.


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