March 17, 2014

Strange dreams

Both me and my friend Sandra have had several dreams about invasions since January. Not sure what kind of enimies, but we were hiding from them and they were many.

I have had a dream about an airport too, with armed military and scared people.

Last night I had a dream about going underground, to places that looked like apartments. White walls, no windows, ladders down to lower levels... I couldn't see any people, just all those rooms. And something that looked like a small garden behind glass. Finally, when I had gone real low, I began feeling dizzy and I felt a strange movement. I knew I had to leave that place. So I climbed up as fast as I could - and out. Real strange. But I remember I have had dreams like this before, about underground places.


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  1. Anonymous7/4/14 04:10

    I have come across a few contact stories of UFO abductees going underground for an experience. One of them being from a book called, Love In An Alien Purgatory." by Farah Yurdozu and art by David Huggins.