January 29, 2012

Carissas experiences

Wow, today I found a real interesting site about body markings and ear tones! On the website "In 2 Worlds" Carissa writes about many things that I have experienced myself.

Carissa write about her bruises on arms and legs, things that I have experienced myself. I have even got the bruises on the same places as her!

She also talks about ear tones/ringing and that is exactly what I have experienced since I was child! But it wasn't until 2008-2009 that I understood that this was not normal and probably connected to aliens/interterrestial beeings.

The first time I tried to block this signal/ringing out (mentally) I noticed that it really worked, but it came back shortly after and then I blocked it out again. I was happy that I have found I method that seemed to work. But after some time the signal came back, but with changed freqency. Actually everytime I blocked it out it became quiter/weaker. It was like someone tried to find a freqency that I couldn't hear. But I always know when it happens, because I can feel the pressure too.

Carissa writes about scratch marks on the chin too. I got it the first time in 1987-88, but by then I thought that I just had scratched myself while sleeping. It wasn't untill 2008 when I got marks all over my arm that I understood it was something paranormal. Even my daughter and my mother got scratches then. We still get them, but not so often as before and mine has gotten much smaller.

Carissa also have some interesting things to say about numbers. That is a thing that I had noticed just lately, that some numbers seems to show up often. So I will be more observant now and start to document it.

She also talk about strange sounds from her closet, which reminds me of my own experiences from my bedroom closet in 2009. Since we moved to that old apartment my daughter was always afraid of her closet and wanted the door to be closed. Once (in 2009) when I painted it inside I got scratch marks on my arm!

Carissa's website In 2 Worlds

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