February 03, 2012

New markings on my body

It has been rather calm, but this week I woke up with a small pin dot mark on my left arm. It looked like an nedle mark or as if it was from an insect. Winter and  - 14 C outside, could I have an insect here? Well maybe.

Next day I noticed another small bleeding stick mark on my left hand.

And today I woke up with two small scratch marks at my right hand.

OK, my skin is extremly dry right now because of the cold outside, but these marks are not because of dry skin.

I already know that strong feelings make me more vulnerable and yesterday was a bit hard, because of my daughter who has some problems at school. .And it made me sad. I had problems to fall asleep because of that. I had so many thoughts about her - and my own life as single mum. So I guess it in some way made me weak - and more vulnerable for the paranormal attacs. Will it be like this the rest of my life?

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