February 06, 2012

Buzzing sound in ears

Gosh! Again I have found information that makes me realize that strange stuff had been going on for almost all my life.

In 1998 I got divorced and moved with my little daughter to another apartment. I remember a night when she suddenly woke up and screamed that someone had pushed her in her stomach. I said that she must have dreamed. But she was conviced that it was for real and I remembered the "dreams" about that scary visits in my bedroom months earlier - so I began to wonder what was happening around us. I mentally told the presence to go away.

About six months later another strange thing happend. I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange buzzing sound in my head that went from my left ear to my right and then back again, on and on. I felt sick and scared and wondered what was happening to me. This strange thing happened always at night, around 3-4 AM.

The doctors could find anything wrong with me, so maybe I just had some kind of ear infection... because suddenly it stoped.

Going back to my childhood, I sometimes got a hight pitced beep tone in my ears. But only in one at the time, and it only lasted for a minute or so. In 2008 I found that many people who had experienced paranormal stuff also had heard this beep. Some even said it was connected to aliens. So I began to do my own research. I tried to block the sound out mentally and found that it worked! And then it started to change pattern. It was obvious for me that there was some kind of intelligence behind that SIGNAL.

And today - I found this interesting text on Dave Hodriens blog. He writes this about a woman who also have experienced some real strange (alien?) stuff:

"In the months after Steve left, on occasion Rachel would experience a sudden loud buzzing sound in her head. It would sometimes take place when she was lying in bed and almost dropping off to sleep. At other times it would occur during the night and she would wake up. She would actually feel it moving through her head from one side to the other, and sometimes back the other way. The effect would always be the same, no matter which way she was lying. Before the noise occurred, Rachel would become very alert that something was about to happen, and then she would hear it."

Sounds exactly like my experiences in 1998, after I had got divorced... This woman also got some strange markings on her body. Four small dots in a line, which reminds my of my daughters 3 small dots in a line on her foot. And I got one dot on the same spot.

So - are we all having contacts with aliens? Is that what has been going on for whole my life, it just took me forty years to understand.

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