January 28, 2012

"Nanny" abducted by aliens

Have you heard that Fran Drescher, from "The Nanny" have met aliens?

According to The Huffington Post she says:

"You know, it's funny because Peter (Fran's ex-husband) and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads."

Fran says that it happend when they both were in junior high. A few years later they met and realized they had the same experience. She thinks they somehow were programmed to meet.

"We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

But ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson wasn't so convinced of the couple's extraterrestrial pasts. He says Fran got the small scar on her hand from a drill bit or burning herself holding a hot cup of water. But Fran says, no way.

"I said to him, that's what the aliens programmed us to think. But really, that's where the chip is."

Well that was interesting. Because it reminds me of my own experience in 2008. That's when the hauntings began at our old house. And just a couple of weeks later me and my teenage daughter went on a trip to another town. On the way there I saw something strange high above in the sky. It looked like a glowing ball that flew high up in very highs speed. I didn't say anything to my daughter. But just a few minutes later a big round "thing" of silver flew right over our car! My daughter yelled:
"Look! Is that an UFO or what!!?"

Sometimes I wonder if my home wasn't haunted by ghost, maybe there were just lots of crazy aliens there.

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