January 16, 2012

My daughters dream

Me and my daughter are very close and we both have experienced strange paranomal things. We can also read each others minds. But somethings I get a bit worried about her.

A while ago I was reading an historical article, that night my daughter dreamed about the whole historical event that I had been reading about. She hadn't seen the article and we hadn't talked about it. I was stunned the next morning when she told me all the details from her dream.

Last night my daughter had a dream that she said felt so very real. She told me about a trip to outer space, to another sun with thousands of planets around. She told me that she had visited another planet where people looked much different and that she met some kind of "monster". She was showned lots of brothers and sisters, but that they weren't friendly anyone of them. She also told me about strange buildings and that there were huge difference in time - if we should go there.

So what was it? Just a dream or some kind of abduction? Or maybe astral travelling?

When I started to write this post that signal in my right ear came back, I could almost hear it because it was so weak. So, I am still under observation... no doubt about it. They just go on trying to find another frequency that I cannot hear. So, I guess it's not OK to write about this.

The same day as I wrote this post my daughter got 2 scratches on her hand. And today she got a long scratch mark on her left hand. Could it be because she told me about her dream, and that I wrote about it here? Like "someone" doesn't like us talking/writing about it. For me it's so obvious, they try to scare her. 

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