January 09, 2012

Do you have strange scratch marks too?

Well, you are not alone. The first time this happend to me, in 2008, I was shocked because I have never heard about it before. Now I know that many people all around the world get those scratch and cut marks.

So where do they come from? Aliens, ghosts or demons? Noone seems to know. But I think that it's getting more and more common and that is scary.

Here are just some of the postings about this that I have found, but there are thousands of them here on Internet:

Scratches, odd cuts on my body (link to Project Avalon)
Scratchmark on my body for 13 years (link to Unexplained Mysteries)
Waking up with strange scratches (link to Paranormalsoup)
Mysterious Scratches; The answer to "What are these strange scratches on my body?" (Hubpages)
Strange scratches on my body (link to Above Top Secret)

Look at the pictures of some of my scratches here

Have you had these kind of scratch marks too? Please leave a comment, you can be anonymous if you like :-)

1 comment:

  1. My best friend got these strange scratches. But she always got two and one is in a sigmoid shape. We don't know what to do.