April 23, 2015

Scary dream and body marks

Everything is just dark and I am so afraid. I lie in the bed between my parents. I am just a child. I don't know if my parents are awake or sleeping. Or paralysed. I just know that something is coming and they won't be able to protect me.

Suddenly I hear a strange sound. It's like the sound from a small remote controlled "thing" and it is moving around in the apartment. Searching. 

Oh God, please... No... I  am so afraid...

This is the dream that woke me up earlier this week. I was so shocked so I had to turn the lamp on and read a book, just to get that dream out of my mind. Couldn't go back to sleep for hours.

Next day I thought about it, because it was so strong, and felt so real. I have had dreams like that before. About something coming into our home during the night - and there is nowhere to hide.

When I took a shower that day I noticed scars on both my feet, inside the ankles - at the same high. Weird. And today when I publish this - it is exactly one year today since I wrote about a similar dream; Hiding from intruders.

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