May 15, 2015

Nadine Lalich's experiences

Today I found this interesting video with Nadine Lalich:

Seems like we share many experiences:

  • She describes the feeling of one alien touching her back/spine, something that I have experienced many times. It feels like my back/spine is my weakest body part when it comes to this kind of events. (I think it can work like some kind of portal.)
  • She also have had "dreams" about airports with military personel and UFOs.
  • She has had scars on her arms like me.
  • Bleeding nose. (I got that during many nights as a child)
  • She has also heard that humming sound. I had it in my old apartment.
  • We both have had dreams about descruction and cathastrophes in the future.
  • We see numbers like 1111 appearing on nearby clocks.
  • We saw UFOs at the age of 16.
  • We have had dreams about children. (But mine didn't look alien.)

While writing this post I have had beeping tones in my left ear...

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