July 30, 2015

Scratch marks after reading about aliens

I guess I was a bit bored yesterday. I have vacation but it keept on raining, so I sat down with my laptop and watched some videos about aliens and scoop marks. Shortly after - I got ringings in my left ear and two small scratches on one of my finger tips.

It's interesting, because it has been so calm for a long time now. But as soon as I go out searching on internet (about alien stuff) I get problems. It's like in 2008 when I first began my searching, shortly after I got those scratch marks and all strange things started happening in my home.

Tonight I had a strange dream about being held in custody. A guard (chinese man) in black trousers was standing behind me. In another room in front of me I could see some white men sitting around an oval table, maybe some kind of council. I knew they were discussing me, but I couldn't hear what they said. I tried to shout at them but only a mumbling was heard. A very short dream, then darkness.

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