August 11, 2015

Scratch marks and higher level negative energies

I don't remember if I have linked to SSRF before, but here you can find some more information about them.

I have been searching for answers since 2008 when I got several scratch marks on my left arm. Where do they come from? Ghosts? Aliens? And WHY do I get these strange body marks?

I got my first scratch mark (on the chin) in 1987-88. But I thought I had just scratched myself. In 2008 happend again and it got real bad. My daughter and mother got scratches too.

Was it spiritual, because I had praticed meditation and yoga? Or was it connected to my UFO experiences (in 1977, 1978 and 2008)?

I just know that the force of these marks can read my mind. And it's not a friendly force. It can travell fast, all over the world. I found out that when I reached for help from o friend of mine in Spain. She got scratch when she tried to help me. And a man in the USA also got scratch marks - while just reading my blog! So I don't belive it's just ghosts.

I think it is something else - negative energies from a spiritual dimension. Maybe it's the same force that send beep tones in my ears and sticking pain (like from needles) in my arms, legs and feets?

Here you can read what the Spiritual Science Reserch Foundation (SSRF) think about paranormal scratches:

Spontaneous scratches created by higher level negative energies

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