August 21, 2015

In another world

Wow, this dream was really the weirdest dream I ever had. It lasted for about 25 minutes and I thought I would never come back to this world again.

Well it was a crazy evening yesterday. I had some hard discussions with my daughter and ended upp in bed angry, wondering why so many people seems to be so heartless, having no empathy for others. I ended up in bed, making a drawing of my thoughts. Like a cobweb with sketches of people in my life. Just a few of them had that red, warm heart. The rest had no heart at all.

When I had turned of the light I remembered when I could see behind closed eyes, so I tried to do that. It didn’t work. Instead of that grey shadowlike silhouttes I could see darkness and some light spots, like stars… then I drifted away into the dream world.

Suddenly I was at a strange place, some kind of working place. Dark walls, dark floor, dark ceiling, no windows. People in front of computers. I could see that some of them (everybody?) had no legs below the knees.  Amputee? And when I looked closer at their faces and spoke to them I couldn’t figure out if they were men or women. They looked androgynous.

I went to another room, very light. Lamps in the ceiling. White walls. I remeber shelves with some kind of medicine or substance. Yellow and black labels. Everything was so clear. I have glasses but in this dream my sight was like an eagles. I could read on all labels without my glasses. And that made me scarred. This dream was so clear, so detailed. It couldn’t be a dream! This must be the reality. But I couldn’t wake up. I was still in that room and it didn’t feel good at all. Why couldn’t I wake up! Then I thought; ”Oh my God! I must have had a stroke and my brain is not working!  I am lost here!”
I understood that the people I saw was not like normal people, they were more like computers. They had no life without working.  When that hit me I was ”taken”. I could not move, but I felt like hundreds of metal wires were shot into my body, into my arms, feets and legs. It was like my blood path was replaced with these wires in different sizes. I became a machine, like the others… I felt no pain, but I could feel all that things shot into my body.

About 20-25 minutes later I woke up, with my heart bumping hard. Scared. Gosh! What a nightmare! I have never experienced something so clear in my dreams!

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