November 18, 2015

New scratches...

I don't understand why, but suddenly I have got bleeding scratch marks again. 

Is it because I looked at that video with Mike Clelland? My curiosity (on alien stuff) often gives me problems.Or is it because of the changes in my life right now? I have resigned from my job. Got tired of my boss. After leaving the office I felt so damn relieved. It really felt so good - but the same day I got the first scratch. And I have had them every day since. I can also feel that that strange "tingling" on my head (Crown chakra activating?) and that high pitched tones in my ears. I have felt that pushing on my back again too (while sleeping).

Don't know why it has started all over again. Is it because I am taking control over my life again, leaving something bad (my psycopathic boss) behind? I have noticed that going forward, learning new stuff or personal development can give me this marks. Maybe "someone" doesn't like what I'm doing. Maybe I'm breaking "someones" plans?

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