November 06, 2011

Not my children!

I used to say that the "hauntings" begun in 2008, but now I say they started much earlier. I actually think that I have experienced strange things all my life.

In june 2008 I bought my old apartment. Shortly after the hauntings began. I moved to my mothers house and then I rent a small apartment until 2010 when I bought my new flat. During that period lots of strange things happened. I got scratch marks, stick marks and my electric equipment acted strange. I also felt a strange presence around me most of the time. I could feel it against my arms, like that static feeling you can get when you are close to a TV.

Well, anyway... during this time I had a dream about that blonde little child. He stood in front of me and I can't remember the surroundings, just that everything around was white. Like we were in a white room. This child was, as I now can remeber, about 7 years of age. He had blonde hair, brown eyes and a green sweater. He just smiled at me and something said that this was my child. But I said no, I only had one child and this was NOT my child. I could not be! The next second everything was gone, and I cannot remember anything more.

Some months later a had another dream like this, now showing me a child that looked like a twin to my daughter.

I have read about others (abductees) who have had dreams like this. But what does it mean? Is it just dreams, just fantasies - or something else?

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