December 18, 2011


It's soon Christmas time and I cant help looking backwards and thinking about what have happend this year. For sure it has been a huge diffrence. The ghostly attacks on my body while sleeping are gone and it feels like the scratches will disappear compleatly. Long time since I had any.

But - I can still feel that high pitched beep tone in my ears sometimes. Although it has become much more silent. It's like "they" are trying to find a frequency that I don't hear, so that I won't understand that they are still observing me. Because everytime I get that signal, I mentally try to block it out - letting it bounce away in another direction. And I notice - it sure disturbs them...

Tonight, for the first time ever, I got that signal in my ear while sleeping. It got my attention and I immediately was awake and let it bounce away. But then I heard a strange noice, like voice or something, before it went away. Could it be that I am able to pic up sounds/voices from other dimensions while in that sleep state? Well anyway, I am sure that they (who ever they are) still are watching over me, all the time. And I hate that!

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