December 21, 2011

Do we live in a Matrix?

Since 2008 it has become more and more clear to me; that life is not what we think it is.

I have written about it earlier, that strange beep tone that I have been hearing in my ears since I was a child. Very high pitched signals that can appear very suddenly and after seconds just go away.

I have done my own researches about it since 2008 and I think this "signal" is connected to aliens. I may sound stupid, but it's probably used like some kind of track advice (sonar). I think they can track even our feelings, thoughts and what we talk about. And it seems like talking about aliens or other dimensions is NOT ok... Because then the signal comes, often together with a pressure over the chest that makes it a bit hard to breathe. If you don't believe me; just be more observant. Make notes of when you hear this signal. If you go out on Internet and start searching information about aliens - do you hear the signal? The more aware you get - the more you will find out about it.

It took me over 40 years to understand that this beep tone often was connected to what I saidread or just thought about. 

If I hadn't got those strange scratch marks in 2008 I probably never would have digged in to all these paranormal stuff. I was to busy with my family life and work. But when I got the first scratches I started my searching on Internet. I also met some people who know a lot about aliens and other strange things. A door in to a compleatly new world was opened. And during some hypnotherapi sessions I found out that some dreams I had earlier in my life wasn't just dreams. 

Today this became even more clear too me.

Someone got real pissed off
I was at work, talking to a collegue who had read a very interesting book about parallell worlds, by a finish author. She said that I should read it. At the same second she said that she got that beep tone in her right ear and she felt a pressure over her chest.

- Well, they don't like me talking about this...

I understood exactly what she ment, because this have happend us so many times while we have been discussing aliens and other dimensions. It feels like they are observering us and that they doesn't like us talking about it.

Just an hour later I got a real strong beep tone in my right ear. I did as I always do; I tried to block the signal out, mentally. But this time it was strong, it didn't work. It was like a mental struggle...

I wrote a mail to my collegue and told her about the signal and we had some funny discussions about it. I told her that it made me angry, because I really hate that feeling of beeing "under observation". I wrote to her that I thought "they" acted cowardly, because they never show themself. They just act in the ulterior. My collegue asked if I really dared to challenge them. Sure, I wrote back.
Who are holding our strings?

Shortly afterwards something strange happend. I was like something had hit me hard in my right ear. I didn't hear that beep tone this time, but I felt a strong pressure inside my ear. It was like someone had pulled lots of cotton pads into my ear. Very strange and it made me a bit afriad. It almost felt as if I was loosing my hearing.

Had I challenged "them" to much now? And what had they done? Had they put in another implant in my eteric body?

I will NEVER accept these attacs. So I made a phone call to the therapist that I visited earlier this year. The woman who had some hypnotherapi sessions with me. Because she really knows a lot about aliens, implants and these kind of things.

Later this same day I got small scratch mark on my finger. So - here we go again...

I just wonder what kind of evil forces I'm dealing with? I hope my therapist will tell me more about this on friday.

Just when I had finished this text I got that pressure over my chest, that makes it difficult to breathe. They sure are here, observering every step I take. And they don't like that I am writing about it.

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