December 28, 2011

Worried about the weather

When I was teenager I remember that I had some dreams about high water levels. I lived on the third floor and in the dream I was swimming around in our apartment.

In 1998 I read some scary information about future climate changing on Internet.

Shortly before the big tsunami hit Thailand (in 2004?) I dreamed about a tsunami and I thought; "This is just the beginning."

In 2008 I dreamed about real thick fog outside my window and this year that dream became true. During the summer I saw more fog than I ever have seen. In October it was real bad, it was exactly like in my dream. I could not se more that just centimeters from my window and balcony - everything was just white. I have talked to my friends and they have never seen something like that before.

Before we had lots of snow here during Christmas. This year it was +11 Celsius! They say that we haven't had weather like this for at least 300 years! It's crazy.

This week we have had a huge storm. I haven't been able to sleep proper for two nights. And another storm is on it's way in.

Earlier this month I met a man who is very spiritual, he said that hard times are in front of us. He talked about high water levels, at least 10 meters. Could it really be that bad? And when? And what about my own dreams about darkness and fire? Visions that looked like Michael Jacksons "Earth song". All these makes me wonder; What have we done to our Planet?

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