August 09, 2011

Why all these serpents?

As long back as I can remember I have been interested in archaeology and lost cities. When I travel to other countries I always visit museums. I never get tired of this, because I always notice something new that makes my mind spin :-)

This summer I visited the swedish island Gotland, in the Baltic Sea. I visited the museum Fornsalen that I have visited so many times before. What caught most of my intrests this time was; all the spirals and - the serpents. Why have ancient people all around the world used these two figures? What does it mean?

Stone from stone from 5th-7th centuries, Sweden.
You see my pictues of two interesting stones in the museum Fornsalen. A man and a figure that looks like a snike, or maybe dragon, and spirals.Both these symbols you can find in lost civilisations all over the world. You find them in India, China, South America, Europe... everywhere! That must mean something, but what?

If you are interested in these kind of things - don't miss Graham Hancoks researches! For example this:

I will write more about spirals in another post.

Stone from 400-600 A.D., Sweden

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