October 19, 2012

Beep signal after watching videos

Two days ago I watched this interesting video about abductions. When I went to bed I got real disturbing ringing in my right ear. This time it was almost impossible to "bounce it away", as I use to. I guess that mean that "they" didn't like that I watched this video.

Gosh! I am so tired of this. It happens everytime that I go out searching for information about aliens and UFOs  - or when I talk to others about alien stuff! A friend of mine have the same experience.

Here is another interesting video, about ringing in ears:


  1. Hey - I just interviewed Chris Augustine this very morning, I was inspired to contact him because of this video. He is an impressive young man.

    The interview was great, and it'll be up and on my site in a day or so.

    Mike C

  2. Wow, sorry you experienced that after watching my presentation