October 14, 2012

More scratches

These last 2-3 weeks I have noticed several scratch marks on my hands. Mostly on the fingers on my right hand.

The scratches are smaller and not as deep as they were two years ago, that feels good. But it still bothers me why this still is going on - and where they come from. Animal spirits? Ghosts? Aliens?

This past two weeks I have also noticed that the beep tones in my ears have come more frequent. And it keep on changing after every time I have "bounced it away". When I was child this tones/ringings were quite loud and they lasted for more than 30 seconds. But since I started to kick them away mentally in 2010 the signal has changed and become weaker every time. Isn't that strange? It's like someone tries to change the frequency so that I will not notice it. Well, I do notice it. Everytime. And I still get angry when I hear it. I try to block it out mentally - and it works. It goes away immedately after only 2 seconds. But then it comes back after a couple of days again, but weaker. Now I can almost hear the signal, but still I feel that pressure in my ear so I notice it anyway.

Since I wrote this post earlier today I have got 2 more scratches. I am not surpriced. I cannot talk or write about... Do you experience this kind of signals in your ears? And have you ever tried to block them out mentally? If you have - did you make any difference? Please write a comment below.

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