March 24, 2012

Three in a row

Last Sunday I woke up with these marks on my right leg, close to the foot. I felt the pain as soon as my feet touched the floor. I was so surpriced, could I really have done this to myself during sleep? Or did I get it while I walked in the wood the day before?
And look at the 3 dots. I have seen that markings before, on myself and on my daughter. But they were smaller then, just like acupuncture marks.

The 3 dots reminds me of Orion's Belt, that I have seen a lot during this winter.



  1. I too see the number 123

    (or 1234 or 12345) with a kind of synchro-magical consistency.

  2. Anonymous15/2/14 19:46

    I just had a flying dream a few nights ago and when I was in the shower the next day I found 3 in a row marks on my body. The dream was me being lifted off the ground by the wind almost vertically up. I called my wife's name and she woke me out of my dream.

  3. Anonymous8/6/14 21:49

    I woke up with the same mark on my ankle...also thought about orion's belt?? Can never really remember dreams. Had a lot when I was a teenager about floating up in to the sky...lifting off the ground in stores...being chased by black cars and blacks suits...crazy as hell. Good luck finding out what it is/was. Side note: saw a glowing orb in my room once while I was writing songs...I saw what I thought was light from the sun coming in from the window...when I looked up I saw a bright glowing golden orb/elongated diamond hovering about 4ft away from my was radiating gold sparks it looked only stuck around for like 3 secs...I looked at it got scared and then it seemed to sense that because it quickly shrank and descended rapidly towards the floor until it was the size of a grain of sand and then just POOF'd out of existence.. it started out the size of a football just floating and rotating in front of me...looking at me...

  4. Anonymous17/8/14 05:57

    I have the same marks (3 dots) on the back of my leg. A few weeks ago i've had exactly the same marks on my other leg. Don't know if it's alien lol but it's weird