March 10, 2012

Healing old trauma

I have got many questions about the therapy I have been going through since August 2010, so today I will write some about that.

Well, my therapist call it Multidimensional therapy and it is very difficult to discribe it shortly. But it is much about healing the past. She has used hypnotherapy sometimes, but most of the time we just talk and after that she starts working on my body - on different levels. My therapist is a phsychic person who easily can see what's on my mind and that helps a lot. I guess we can say that she use her "third eye".

I have done "Birth regression" and that was very interesting.

The strangest things that had come up has been connected to that alien stuff. Like that picture of me laying on a table with aliens around... I still have difficult to connect to that, it's just to unbelievable. But my body says it's true...

She has also taken lots of things out of my body, like alien implants and - feelings. Things that have been holding me back. Sometimes it is hard to believe in it, but I really feel that it works. It makes a huge different afterwards.

I have learned how much childhood trauma can effect your daily life. But also that you can go back and heal it. I still work on this and I still have much strong feelings connected to the past and my mother. There is a lot of anger. But even if this is hard work it has made me so much stronger. It has also helped me to handle all that paranormal stuff that has been happening to me. If you have "wounds" from your childhood - it will make you more vulnerably to paranormal attacs from other dimensions. But healing the past (and becoming aware of the existens of beeings from other dimensions) makes you stronger. If you are not aware, well then you will be like a Swedish Smorgasboard! :-)

Have your read Alberto Villoldos book about Shamanic healing? I just love that book! Maybe it's because I always been so interested in indians and healing. What I would like to say is that the therapy that I am using is very much like the work that shamans do.

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