March 25, 2012

Does strong feelings make us more vulnerable?

On Thuesday I went to see my mother. I really didn't want that, because our relationship has never been good, but... I felt that I had to. And afterwards - I got problems again.

I felt as my whole body was against it, but you know... somtimes we just do things we don't want, to help others.

My relationship with my mother has never been good. She has done a lot of bad things to me during my life and there were many years when we didn't have any contact at all.Today she is over the 80ies but still she has much anger inside. She wants to be in the center of the world, all the time, and if other people don't give her the confirmation she wants - well then she can get very angry. Actually I thing her anger is her driving force in life.

My terapist, who had helped me with that multidimensial therapy, has warned about having contact with my mother. She has told me that the scratches I have are connected to my mother. And I also have been told things about beeings from other dimensions and their contact with my mother.Well I have had very hard to belive in all that. But maybe she is right, because it's like my mum sucks all energy out of me every time we meet. And it's like I pick up her bad energy and become frustrated and angry myself when I meet her.

Well, this time I brought with me some food and other stuff - but she made me so frustrated that I ended up with headache and like flashes in my eyes (Migrane?). So I (and my daughter) left her apartment rather qucikly.

Just 30 minutes later I got a scratch mark on one of my fingers and shortly after my daughter got a scratch mark too.

So how does it work? Does strong feelings (like anger and frustration) make us like magnets to bad energies/beeings from other dimensions? Or does those feelings just make us more vulnerable? Maybe the visit at my mums house made my aura weaker? Well, again I have found that strong feelings are connected to these paranormal attacs.

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