June 22, 2012

Visited again...

In my last posting I told you that it has been very calm since I got my diagnosis and had my operation. Well, now it has started again.

I think it began two days ago. I had cleaned the whole apartment together with my daughter and sat down tired in the sofa. Then I felt a burning sensation on one of my fingers, but I didn't see anything. Maybe because it was dark, or because I was wearing my contact linses and couldn't see closely. But the next morning when I woke up I saw it; the scratch mark on my finger.

Later that evening I heard sounds from a paper bag where I keep glass (for recycling). It reminded me of the sounds I had heard before, around the floor, in my old apartment. But then I thought that maybe I hadn't placed the glass bottles properly... so that they have fallen because of that.

This morning a strange "popping" sound right above my head woke me up! And during the day several "bad" news had come up. It almost feel like I am haunted by some kind of evil/bad luck spirit again.

Life is hard enought now, having done this cancer operation and getting the chemotheraphy. So I really just want to be left alone. I don't want to deal with these bad energies that has been following me for such a long time. Again I feel like I am only living in a Matrix, that I am just a puppet on a string - lead by strange forces from outer space or another dimension. And it feels like they are just testing me how much I can handle. No one of my friends have gone through so much bad things as I and it feels like it's never going to end.

Why now?
I have noticed before that I have got scratch marks after cleaning my apartment, like "someone" doesn't like the vaccum cleaner. And when I had left it in the livingroom I have heard strange sounds around it.

But there is another thing too. Just 2-3 days ago I met my friend who also is into this paranormal stuff, and we talked a lot about it. She has started to use a new theraphy, some kind of trauma release therapy called TRE. And she told me that since she had started using that method she has got lots of problems with ringing in the ears. She thinks that "they" don't want us to get rid of our problems, that they don't want us to grow mentally and that's why she is under so much observation now. Is that why I get visited too? Because of our discussions about this and that she have told me about an very effective method to get stronger? Well I don't know... but everytime I learn new things like this I get that beep tone (ringing) in my ears.

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