April 01, 2016

Nostradamus and Gaddafi Warned The World About ISIS Invasion Of Europe

In 2011 Gaddafi, his son, and his cousin warned the world about the troubles Europe would face in the coming years – but nobody would listen. 
Gaddafi warned about the migrant crisis and about the trouble ISIS would pose to the West. Here are some of the quotes from Gaddafi and his family, taken from various mainstream news sources:

“They [jihadis] want to control the Mediterranean and then they will attack Europe.”
“The Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos.”
Gaddafi's cousin: 
“There are many terrorists among them (The refugees), between 10 and 50 in every thousand”.
“They are going all throughout Europe. Within one year, two years, you will have another September 11.”
And did you know that Nostradamus (1503-1566) warned about this too? I remember reading his prophecies when I was only 11-12 years old and I read them again in 1998, so I do remember his prophecies about "the invasion of the barbarians". 

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