November 30, 2016

Disturbed again...

It has been calm for a long time, but this week I have had two paranormal attacs during the night. 

This is what happens:
  • My dreams are suddenly interrupted
  • I guess I'm in some kind of dream state, but it feels very real. The strange is that it's totaly black around me and I cannot see anything. 
  • Then I feel like "something" jumps at my back. It actually it feels like some kind of animal, with the size of a cat or a small monkey. Only ONCE I have seen a glimps of something looking like a huge praying mantis.
  • When I feel the poking around my waist it's hard, like "someone" is tickling me. Maybe because it want's my attention. It's really not a kindly toucht.

When was younger I often got paralysed during these events and had hard to wake up. I know that people call this "sleep paralysis", but I think it's something else.

I haven't yet understod why this happens. If there is a trigger, if it's something that I do that causes these events. But, this last week I have been reading some blogs again about UFOs and owls. It always happens strange things when I do that. And today when I meditated I got that beeping in my left ear again.

In my childhood I often experienced strange things right before I feel asleep. It felt as I fell into a huge spiral and everything just went round and round.

I wonder if the things I have experienced have something to do with the chakras, if they work as portals to other dimensions. Maybe the chakras are like galaxies and that they sometimes get "activated" so you get connected to other worlds?

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