February 15, 2017

Full moon and strange dream

I haven't had any scratches for a long time, but I have had a weird dream again.

A man came and visited me in my dream. A tall man, almost looking like one of the statues in Persepolis. He was very angry and and he spoke to me in a strange language I have never heard before. I couldn't understand a word of what he said. But he scarred the shit out of me.

This was over in just seconds, at least it felt so. Then I woke up, wondering what the h_ll had happend. It took some time before I had calmed down so I could go back to sleep.

This reminds me of this event in 2013, when I was speaking to my friend in my cellphone. Suddenly the phone call was interrupted and I heard a strange and electronic voice screaming at me (very fast) in a language I could understand.

After writing this post I got a scratch mark on my right hand.

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