November 28, 2011

Red dot marking

Today I woke up with this scratchmark and my right hand and a red dot on my left hand. Strange I have never had a dot like this on my hands.

A collegue at my work have experienced some strange things too, Today we talked about it again. And what happens? Well she got that high pitched beep tone in her ears and we both feel that pressure that makes it hard to breathe.

- They are observing us again, she said.

We have experienced this so many times while talking about thinks like aliens and UFOs. And it makes me a bit frustrated!  I can even feel it right now, while I am writing this post. It's so obvious that "they" (who ever they are) doesn't like me talking - or writing - about it.

Have you experienced this to? Please leave a comment below.

November 06, 2011

Not my children!

I used to say that the "hauntings" begun in 2008, but now I say they started much earlier. I actually think that I have experienced strange things all my life.

In june 2008 I bought my old apartment. Shortly after the hauntings began. I moved to my mothers house and then I rent a small apartment until 2010 when I bought my new flat. During that period lots of strange things happened. I got scratch marks, stick marks and my electric equipment acted strange. I also felt a strange presence around me most of the time. I could feel it against my arms, like that static feeling you can get when you are close to a TV.

Well, anyway... during this time I had a dream about that blonde little child. He stood in front of me and I can't remember the surroundings, just that everything around was white. Like we were in a white room. This child was, as I now can remeber, about 7 years of age. He had blonde hair, brown eyes and a green sweater. He just smiled at me and something said that this was my child. But I said no, I only had one child and this was NOT my child. I could not be! The next second everything was gone, and I cannot remember anything more.

Some months later a had another dream like this, now showing me a child that looked like a twin to my daughter.

I have read about others (abductees) who have had dreams like this. But what does it mean? Is it just dreams, just fantasies - or something else?

November 04, 2011

Have I met aliens as child?

Last month my mother found a sketch that I made when I was child. I guess I made it somewhere between 1965 and 1967.

I think it shows myself playing with a bucket in the sand. Then an angel shows up and we both disapear. Only two stars are showed. Then something that reminds me of the UFO I saw in 1977 and 1978. Or is it the moon? Next picture shows me and a tall man (with a beard - or is it a helmet?). And then me and the angel going away.

I think the first sketch shows a place at our familys country house, where we used to spend all weekends and summers. I loved that place, although I have had many nightmares about it. I have dreamed about UFOs and strange ships in the sky above the sea. I also had dreams about trying to hide or run away. I also remember thinking that a dark sky ment that "something" was coming. And when I heard that beep tone (high pitced) in my ears I know I said: "Now they are coming". But what did I mean? Who where "they"? Anyway, who is the tall man with beard? And the connection to an angel, stars and the moon/UFO? A sumerian angel?

Under the first sketch I have drawn "ABĂ…LO 20" which means Apollo 20, but that wasn't sent up until 1976 and I did this drawing somewhere between 1965 and 1967!

And then a picture of me looking at the stars in a window and the angel again.

So what does this sketch show? Did I see an UFO in my childhood? And why Apollo 20?

An alien spaceship on the moon

I just found this interesting post: Childhood visitor from the sky Could we have experienced the same thing, being visited by some kind of aliens? I also reminds me of that I often wondered if my parents really were my real parents.